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Observations on the Observer Pattern

UPDATED: 16 feb 2011
A group of students who should have been familiar with basic design principles and MVC all failed to implement the Observer design pattern correctly while at the same time violating several design principles. This paper discusses what went wrong and why it probably went wrong. Possible suggestions are given for teaching the Observer pattern and for teaching design patterns in general.

Please find the final version (which is also published in the proceedings of the PLoP Conference), here: Observer.pdf.

Teaching Software Process with OpenUP

Change of an undergraduate curriculum from computer science, often taught as random collections of techniques, to software engineering requires new approaches as both are fundamentally diff erent.
The integration of all these techniques into one coherent curriculum is necessary to allow students becoming generalist-specialist software engineers as proposed by Freeman et al. .

This work discusses the general possibilities o ffered by Software Engineering Processes (abbreviated as software processes) to reach this goal. Several approaches are known to use diff erent process styles as agile methods or the Rational Uni ed Process in teaching. One process claiming to integrate these di fferent styles in one process is OpenUP, an open source process framework. This work evaluates OpenUP on its applicability to be used for teaching.